18 Startup Mistakes Infographic

If you are even only considering launching your own Startup then you may already be aware of the fact that unless you focus on what you want rather than on what you fear, you will most likely not succeed. Fear is the number one obstacle to breaking through, if you are afraid then you are not ready.

However, focussing blindly on what you want can also indicate obstinacy … which is extremely dangerous, it’s almost like being blind in the business world because it will result in you blocking out any and all possibilities that did not occur to you, that you do not see, and that you will not accept.

So, while we absolutely need to focus only on reaching the goals we set for our Startup and strive forward relentlessly and fearlessly, we also need to at least identify and evaluate possible reasons for failure so we know what mistakes to avoid.

Here is a very simple and clear infographic outlining 18 Startup mistakes by #markvitals (Link more Infographics below)



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