Essential Documents for Agile Project Managers

Essential Documents for Agile Project Managers – Checklist Here is a list of essential documents for Agile Project Management. I will be adding links to the actual document template examples very soon. Brainstorming Report Template Product Definition Document Stakeholder Analysis Sheet Risk Breakdown Structure Risk Register Job Descriptions RACI Model User Story Format Technology Stacks[…]

Which Project Management method would be best equipped to handle change in requirements? Why?

Managing change with the traditional Waterfall methodology would undoubtedly prove much more challenging than it would with the Agile methodoloy. The fact that Agile methodology will mean breaking the project down into many smaller sections known as sprints, each typically of between 1 – 4 weeks in duration allows the team to make changes along[…]

Introduction to Online Team Collaboration

Introduction to Online Team Collaboration Introduction and motivation Meetings Group Charter Co-located and Distributed Teams Tools and Trackers   Motivation The goal is for all individuals to have an exceptional online collaborative experience. This is only possible when: Shared Etiquette Shared expectations Common intent/aim Work in the same manner (shared tools)   Objectives It is[…]

What are the problems with adding requirements (30% more scope) after 1.5 months in a project that is managed using the Waterfall methodology with a fixed three month deadline?

As the Waterfall methodology is devided into six stages, after 1.5 months the first three, the planning, analysis and design stages will already have been completed. Adding new requirements at this point of the project will result in the work already done throughout all three stages being effectively incomplete. In terms of time, the project[…]

Startup CEO: Introduction

This video is an example of the kind of content I refer to (what I call “Brain Food”) and consider as valuable information worth sharing. In this example I relate to the key points that are made which I can summarise as follows: The power of perserverance Transforming vision to reality Inspiring others, colleagues, employees,[…]