How to Get a Free Website Without Getting Lost in Technology, Spending Hours Trying to Figure it All Out, or Paying Through the Nose to Get a Web Designer to Do it for You

In this short video I’m going to show you how to create your website so you can start building your landing pages for your automated enrolments funnels, generate more leads and even set up your membership website for your student on boarding without getting lost in technology, spending hours trying to figure it all out, or paying through the nose to get a web designer to do it for you.

An Analysis of Coaching in HRM in Education

ABSTRACT Motivation: The purpose of this literature review is to provide an overview of coaching in the context of HRM and its relevance and future potential in education. Approach: The birth and current status of HRM and the introduction of varying coaching models are reviewed and the correlation between HRM and coaching is investigated to[…]

Personal Branding – Get Your FREE Website

Thinking of Getting Started with Content Marketing for Your Personal Branding in 2018? I found this fantastic selection of personal branding website templates for Wordpress on Make sure to check out that page for more detailed descriptions and links. I am showcasing them here for anyone interested in starting a personal branding strategy. Get a[…]

What is Cognitive Bias?

In this series of posts I will provide an overview of the following cognitive biases; False Consensus Effect (Social), Déformation Professionelle (Decision Making) and Positive Outcome (Probability/Belief). In each instance I will provide a short overview of the history of the bias, highlighting any researcher’s involved while also providing an analysis of the potential Pro’s and Con’s associated with each bias.

My Continued Learning

I graduated with honours in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts at the Dublin Institute of Technology. In 1995 I was awarded Master Tefl and RELSA Tefl certifications and in 1999 I obtained the Italian Language Proficiency CILS4 certification for translators/interpreters. I completed a Diploma course in Professional Coaching in 2009 and I have obtained[…]

Organisational Learning & Development

A lot of what I spend my professional time on is almost always related to projects that require developing learning solutions, more often than not on crafting strategies that lead to learning outcomes for professionals in teams, and quite often my role within this context is disguised as Project Manager (more on this further in). Large[…]

UX & Responsive Design – Project Presentation

BSc Honours Degree in Digital Technology, Design & Innovation – Digital Skills Academy – Minor Project Assignment – Team 2 Visit the climasmart website Consult the Website Presentation Document Is your organisation committed to empowering your teams and driving important strategic initiatives through Learning & Development programmes and Digital Innovation to ensure that your clients’ needs[…]

E-Learning Project – Digital Professionals Academy

We are currently in the process of building this course (Hence the BETA TESTING badge) so if you are here now you are a special guest! A lot of the content on this page is Placeholder material so while relevant, it may not be the final version and in some cases there may be references to specific projects completed by DPA Graduates in past courses.

How to Find Social Influencers on Twitter

Joining forces with Social Influencers really helps when it comes to getting your message in front of your target audience. If you attempt to do it all on your own it’s logically going to turn into a disappointing exercise as you realise that it can take a long time to build up your community, especially[…]

Microsoft Sharepoint Certification

The most powerful features of SharePoint—custom web apps, file sharing, site collections, team sites, and more—also come bundled with the cloud-based edition, SharePoint Online. This course delivers essential training on SharePoint Online (2016). Do you need help with your Digital Strategy? If you just need advice or guidance about how to get started you can request a 60[…]

The 7 Phases of Experiential Learning Design

The 7 Phases of Experiential Learning Design So as experiential designers the five stages of learning are actually constructed through seven stages of experience design. Here they are: Phase 1 – FOCUS – Focus & Engage the learner, give them clear reasons to want learn more now Phase 2 – EXPERIENCE – Facilitate meaningful, appropriate[…]

The riddle of experience vs. memory | Daniel Kahneman Using examples from vacations to colonoscopies, Nobel laureate and founder of behavioral economics Daniel Kahneman reveals how our “experiencing selves” and our “remembering selves” perceive happiness differently. This new insight has profound implications for economics, public policy — and our own self-awareness. Do you need help with your Digital Strategy? If you just need[…]

SCRUM Product Owner – International Scrum Institute

Certification Validation Tool You can verify the validity of this certificate by inserting the code 08638606773223 The Scrum Product Owner role is a very unique and broad role in Scrum which combines all of the challenging aspects of traditional Project Manager and Product Manager roles. Moreover, Scrum Product Owner represents the customer point of view[…]

SCRUM Master – International Scrum Institute

Certification Validation Tool You can verify the validity of this certificate by inserting the code starting 8177.. The main role of a Scrum Master is to ensure smooth establishment, efficient and healthy progress and continuous improvement of Scrum Practices in an agile Scrum team. Therefore, competence and perspective of every single Scrum Team Member in[…]

Key Resources, Activities and Partners for your Business

As we start to build our business we will be elaborating on our processes and strategies for clearly identifying and developing our key resources, activities and partners. Four categories of key resources. Physical – Anything you can kick. Intellectual – Valuable know-how, technological solutions etc. Human – Culture eats strategy for breakfast (Peter Drucker) Financial[…]

User Interaction and User Experience Design

In this workshop Harvard i-lab will take you through the steps in thinking about (and preempting) user interaction and user experience design and outline ways in which we can evaluate, test, and analyze interactions to pivot designs leanly. This session will use examples from real startups. My notes: Great selection of tools for building …[…]

Essential Documents for Agile Project Managers

Essential Documents for Agile Project Managers – Checklist Here is a list of essential documents for Agile Project Management. I will be adding links to the actual document template examples very soon. Brainstorming Report Template Product Definition Document Stakeholder Analysis Sheet Risk Breakdown Structure Risk Register Job Descriptions RACI Model User Story Format Technology Stacks[…]

Which Project Management method would be best equipped to handle change in requirements? Why?

Managing change with the traditional Waterfall methodology would undoubtedly prove much more challenging than it would with the Agile methodoloy. The fact that Agile methodology will mean breaking the project down into many smaller sections known as sprints, each typically of between 1 – 4 weeks in duration allows the team to make changes along[…]

Introduction to Online Team Collaboration

Introduction to Online Team Collaboration Introduction and motivation Meetings Group Charter Co-located and Distributed Teams Tools and Trackers   Motivation The goal is for all individuals to have an exceptional online collaborative experience. This is only possible when: Shared Etiquette Shared expectations Common intent/aim Work in the same manner (shared tools)   Objectives It is[…]

What are the problems with adding requirements (30% more scope) after 1.5 months in a project that is managed using the Waterfall methodology with a fixed three month deadline?

As the Waterfall methodology is devided into six stages, after 1.5 months the first three, the planning, analysis and design stages will already have been completed. Adding new requirements at this point of the project will result in the work already done throughout all three stages being effectively incomplete. In terms of time, the project[…]

Startup CEO: Introduction

This video is an example of the kind of content I refer to (what I call “Brain Food”) and consider as valuable information worth sharing. In this example I relate to the key points that are made which I can summarise as follows: The power of perserverance Transforming vision to reality Inspiring others, colleagues, employees,[…]

Soul Factory – At last

  “Signore e Signori, alla tromba il maestro Ceck Formentiiiii!” … con la splendida voce di Valentina Londino Valentina Londino – Vocals, Ceck Formenti – Trumpet, Nigel Casey – Alto Sax, Pasquale Edoardo Giorgio – Trombone, Mattia Mantello – Guitar, Marco Brambilla – Bass, Giacomo Reggiani – Drums, Alberto Bagnoli – Keyboards.   Related: Swing[…]

HubSpot – Inbound Marketing & Growth Driven Design

Do you need help with your Digital Inbound Marketing Strategy? If you just need advice or guidance about how to get started you can request a 60 or 120 minute consultation by appointment. If you have a team or intend to start building your project you can Hire me for a day. I can either consult, support, train, coach or manage.[…]