An Analysis of Coaching in HRM in Education

ABSTRACT Motivation: The purpose of this literature review is to provide an overview of coaching in the context of HRM and its relevance and future potential in education. Approach: The birth and current status of HRM and the introduction of varying coaching models are reviewed and the correlation between HRM and coaching is investigated to[…]

Organisational Learning & Development

A lot of what I spend my professional time on is almost always related to projects that require developing learning solutions, more often than not on crafting strategies that lead to learning outcomes for professionals in teams, and quite often my role within this context is disguised as Project Manager (more on this further in). Large[…]

The 7 Phases of Experiential Learning Design

The 7 Phases of Experiential Learning Design So as experiential designers the five stages of learning are actually constructed through seven stages of experience design. Here they are: Phase 1 – FOCUS – Focus & Engage the learner, give them clear reasons to want learn more now Phase 2 – EXPERIENCE – Facilitate meaningful, appropriate[…]