Defining the Structure of Your Website

This is a very basic outline of the initial structure of the Climasmart website. The objective is to map out the navigational structure of the site pages in order to ensure that the user can easily get to where they need to go before you start developing the actual pages. When you are starting your first website it is very tempting to just jump right in and start building out your pages as you try to figure out how to put it all together. It’s not difficult to create your site flow diagram and you can even do it with pen and paper and then fine tune it and present it in a more professional format.

Here is the first sketch of the Climasmart diagram.



Based on this sketch we then went over it in team and soon came up with the first draft below.


Over the years I have seen websites developed without having first laid down the structure. The result is often confusing for the user, and in most cases the site owner is so familiar with their own content, and unfamiliar with UX that they fail to realise how many obstacles lie between the new first time website user and the internal webpage where they can actually find the value that they need.

The user should not have to think in order to understand where to look and why they should click. A good site flow diagram will help to ensure that your website development is focussed on the users’ needs.

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