January 18, 2017

Product Management & Learning Development (Eng/Ita)

I started my career in Ticino in the field of education in 1995. In 1999 I successfully relaunched a failing franchise business. I provide added value with significant experience and qualifications in the context of coaching and training. In 2004 I started my own training and consulting organisation which I then sold in 2011. Over the past 20 years, I have founded several successful Lean Business launches in the fields of education, corporate training, and professional coaching. I have created EduQua certified course curriculums and programmes for blended learning focussed on digital communication geared towards career advancement.

I manage the development of learning solutions for Swiss and (international) organisations such as RSI, youLabor, (more pending approval ... check back later). My key focus is on fully understanding product requirements, exploring opportunities for further innovation through continuous iteration and collaborative teamwork, and on supporting my teammates within the Agile Framework.

My projects follow the Product Development Cycle from concept, research, analysis through to design, development, and launch. Here is an Example Job Description for the role of E-Learning Product Manager.

RSI Online Learning

youLabor – Modello Formazione


I thrive on teamwork and have a lot of experience in team building and I have successfully completed a fully accredited Honours Degree in Digital Technology, Design & Innovation. The course is online and the participants are from all over the world so it has been a very valuable experience that has contributed to my ability to work in international teams, improve my skills and knowledge of Agile Project Management, User Experience, Computational Thinking, Digital Project Management and Growth Hacking.

As a qualified Inbound Marketing and Social Media Consultant, I can also contribute to directing strategies to successfully distribute and deliver e-Learning products to their respective audiences. 

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