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Thinking of Getting Started with Content Marketing for Your Personal Branding in 2018?

I found this fantastic selection of personal branding website templates for WordPress on Make sure to check out that page for more detailed descriptions and links. I am showcasing them here for anyone interested in starting a personal branding strategy.

Get a Free Website to play around with and check out these Getting Started with WordPress Videos And just in case you've been led to believe that WordPress is for amateurs and bloggers only, here are some big name websites that are built on WordPress: The New York Times, Sony Music, MTV News, eBay Inc, Xerox, Bata, Nokia Conversations, Ford Social, Time Inc, Facebook Newsroom, Marks & Spencer for Business, Google Ventures, Harvard Business Review Blogs (more).

I can help you Get Your Website Up and Running on your domain ( in under 60 minutes (I will take care of the domain or use yours if you already have one. First, we will Define the Structure of Your Website, then we will look at the design, Installing Your Site and Getting You Started

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