January 18, 2017

Digital Project Management, Scrum & Agile

As a digital professional, I provide added value with significant experience and qualifications in the context of coaching and training. I also introduce Online Collaboration and Agile Methodologies to professionals and small businesses.

I thrive on teamwork and have a lot of experience in team building and I hold a fully accredited Honours Degree in Digital Technology, Design & Innovation. This was a very valuable experience that contributed to my ability to work in international teams, improve my skills and knowledge of Agile Project Management, User Experience, Computational Thinking, Digital Project Management and Growth Hacking.

I have proficiency skills in both Windows and OS and I have been very active in event organisation over the years. As an intrinsically motivated person, I have always made constant efforts to improve my professional skills across a range of areas including time management and in particular Agile Project Management.

Online Collaboration


Agile & Scrum


I am a Certified Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner and a Certified Hootsuite Social Media Consultant. I have obtained HubSpot certification in both Inbound Marketing and Growth Driven Design. I have a complete understanding of the challenges and opportunities that marketers, designers, and coders face and I am very capable when it comes to communicating with cross-functional, co-located and distributed teams. Forming teams is my absolute favourite activity.

I will share links to projects developed in distributed cross functionals teams here soon.

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BSc Honours Degree - Digital Technology, Design & Innovation

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