User Interaction and User Experience Design

In this workshop Harvard i-lab will take you through the steps in thinking about (and preempting) user interaction and user experience design and outline ways in which we can evaluate, test, and analyze interactions to pivot designs leanly. This session will use examples from real startups.

My notes:

Great selection of tools for building ... HTML5, Testflight, Heap, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, 99designs, Keynotopia, HubSpot, Balsamiq, Flurry, Upwork (previously oDesk), Fancyhands.

Users are unpredictable. Results are often surprising. Testing is all we can do.

How to increase conversions

Autofill forms to facilitate repeated use (Uber credit card example)

Question & Answer Platform example. Irresistibly intriguing persona specific question via email

Action points above the fold

Minimum scrolling for higher conversion

Minimum clicks required for higher conversion

Forms with engaging persona specific questions before the data fields

Free no sign up required use of software/App

Example Accounting software, to save your work you have to sign up so after inserting all your expenses for the month you will be inclined to sign up and save your data.

Routes & Pathways

Reddit artificially created community


Questions & Answers

How to handle "Trade off" decisions

Implement continually & parallel testing



The experimentation platform. Multiple frontend variations offering varying features to specific persona groups for parallel testing.


Lean Startups

Fake a feature before doing it approach, "Vapourware for non existent solutions represented by mockup or prototype. Kickstart.


Asking for feedback

Feedback is extremes. Love/Hate. Offer the possibility but not in your face on the homepage.


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