January 18, 2017

Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking

I have been involved in Digital Marketing activities including but not limited to website development, content creation, inbound, paid campaigns and SEO optimization since 2004. My projects are data-driven and strategies include competitor analysis and monitoring both quantitative and qualitative aspects.

With my Training & Coaching background, editorial optimisation and email marketing are very familiar to me. I have used iContact, MailChimp and Aweber with DEM scheduling on autoresponders. I am also very well practised in SEO and can offer high-level feedback for optimisation. Using various formats I have paid careful attention to monitoring and analysing business and commercial aspects of our projects. Achieving bottom-line ROI has always been a priority for me.

A solid Digital Marketing Strategy will be built upon five pillars for growth.

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Referral
  • Revenue

For each phase of the process, we will identify actionable goals and define KPIs and other metrics.

Our project goals will be clearly defined and prioritised according to the goals hierarchy. With a clear list of metrics for each phase, we will identify our tools for data gathering. We will use carefully constructed landing pages leading to our funnels.  

We will also implement Push - Pull - Product Strategies.

I thrive on teamwork and have a lot of experience in team building and I hold a fully accredited Honours Degree in Digital Technology, Design & Innovation. This was a very valuable experience that contributed to my ability to work in international teams, improve my skills and knowledge of Digital Marketing Management and Growth Hacking, Agile Project Management, User Experience, Computational Thinking. 

I am a Certified Hootsuite Social Media Consultant. I have obtained HubSpot certification in both Inbound Marketing and Growth Driven Design.

Do you need help with your Digital Strategy?

Is your organisation committed to empowering your teams and driving important strategic initiatives through Learning & Development programmes and Digital Innovation to ensure that your clients' needs are met while also ensuring that your development teams remain motivated, focussed and productive? 

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