What are the problems with adding requirements (30% more scope) after 1.5 months in a project that is managed using the Waterfall methodology with a fixed three month deadline?

As the Waterfall methodology is devided into six stages, after 1.5 months the first three, the planning, analysis and design stages will already have been completed. Adding new requirements at this point of the project will result in the work already done throughout all three stages being effectively incomplete. In terms of time, the project will be behind schedule. The project will also cost more than originally estimated, and the additional costs will be significantly higher than if they had been either planned from the start of the Waterfall project or managed using the Agile methodology.

In terms of resources, there will be a need to plan for 30% more scope to be completed in the remaining 50% of the time available. This will required longer hours and/or extra team members in order to deliver on time. The client is Sony so I am assuming we are still working on software which requires cross functional teams. The analysis and design stages will need to be revisited and all the while the coders and testers will be waiting on standby and adding to costs. The project manager will be very stressed.

I would suggest that this kind of situation also creates some additional risks which may fall into the “problem“ category as they will need to be addressed and may include ;

• The risk of not delivering the product on time
• The risk of delivering a less than perfect or faulty product
• The risk of lowered profit margins
• The risk of disengaging the team
• The risk of getting fired for choosing Waterfall

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